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Custom Package

Our team will build the perfect Chatbot for your business tailored specifically for the needs you want


Have all the data you need to ensure that your Chatbot is working for you from chats initiated to goals achieved


You get the flexibility to change your Chatbot with different offers, discounts, promotions, extra questions and answers that may arise and more

What Else We Provide


We get our team busy on setting everything up, while you sit back and focus on what you do best with your business


We make all the necessary adjustments to ensure you keep getting the results you want so you keep getting new leads


We discuss your project and create a strategy to enable us to achieve your goals and will not stop until that's achieved

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Why Have A Chatbot?

Local businesses think that having a Chatbot on their website would be of NO benefit to them…

This Is Why You Should Have A Chatbot On Your Website For Your Agency

Consumers That Are More Likely To Buy
If They Can Message A Business 53%
Consumers That Prefer To Message
Message Than Call Customer Services 56%
Consumers Believe Customer Service
A Major Beneficiary Of A Chatbot 95%
Consumers Agree They Are The Future
For All Businesses 66%

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Benefits Of A Chatbot

Saving Time and Money

Quickly and easily communicate with customers 

Offer Support Easily 24/7

Easily solve customers problems and questions anytime

Build Confidence And Trust

People love chatting with a bot more than phoning the business

Segment Messages Properly

Send customers relevant messages

Increase Hot Leads

Capture more of the leads you want through your website


Your agency will get a Chatbot built, customised and created for your agency, you will get it all set-up so it’s ready to go on your website and it won’t cost you a penny, we are prepared to take on the cost of getting all this created.

You can get hot leads coming in even when your business is closed, this is a huge benefit, you could be having hot leads waiting for you to be calling them as soon as you arrive in the office and you will have all the information you need saving lots of time and money.

TLC Chatbots For Estate Agents
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Chatbots for Estate Agencies are revolutionising the way clients find properties, as well as how agents sell properties, let or rent properties. Instead of forcing them to fill in a boring form, potential clients get to talk to the bot, in a fun, natural way so you get all the data you need, this completely changes the game.

Today, a lot of people would prefer not to speak to a human at 1st, they can talk to the bot and you get to ask all the questions needed to then provide them with exactly what they need all without it costing your agency money and time.

As you can ask them the questions to decide if they are hot leads for your agency, also if they are a buyer, seller, letter or renter, you will be able to direct that lead to the perfect person within your company, saving you time.

Chatbots are working for you 24/7 and a lot of potential clients would like information when your office is closed, this can make it the perfect solution they need as well as what you need and want.

Building relationships with clients is key for an Estate Agents success and building trust and comfort is paramount, this is where a chatbot can allow you to start building a relationship from the get-go. This will give you a far greater chance of you securing that client in your agency. It will be friendly, interested, attentive, knowledgeable about what they are looking for and can even be humorous.

Of course, the biggest advantage of having a chatbot in your agency is that it will save you a lot of time as well as saving a lot of money.

In summary, you will acquire hot leads on autopilot, you will build relationships on autopilot, they will be working 24/7, save you time and money and above all create more revenue for your agency.

TLC Chatbots

Here at TLC Chatbots, we are experts in website chatbot marketing. Communication is key when it comes to business. 

It’s fun when you can easily and quickly increase website conversions, boost engagement and response rates, streamline the experience the visitor has, qualify leads and give the visitor what they want, all without spending any extra money on hiring support staff. 

Our aim is to help Estate Agents increase sales by creating an avenue for easier, faster and better buyer to seller communication using chatbots.


Our team of experts will look into your business and suggest the best chatbot that will work best for you. We will look at getting the chatbot created, built and customised within 2 weeks and ready to go on your website.

A typical chatbot for a local business would be an initial investment of between £397-£997+VAT, then a monthly management fee of between £97+VAT & £397+VAT.

However, we are going to waiver the fee to you for the Automated Chat Marketing System, we will take on the cost of that, also we are drastically reducing the monthly management fee for a limited time.

A monthly retainer of just £39+VAT {£97 After Promo} will be payable, £97+VAT {£197 After Promo} or £197+ VAT {£397 After Promo}, depending on the package you decide to have.

Once you agree to have a chatbot created, it will be a full 30 days before any money is taken, so you can enjoy the benefits a chatbot will bring to your business before you invest a penny!

'The Apprentice'

Set-Up Fee £0.00
Normally £597+VAT
Then £39+VAT a month

Monthly Management

'The Top Honcho'

Set-Up Fee £0.00
Normally £697+VAT
Then £197+VAT a month

Monthly Management

'The Boss' Business Favourite

Set-Up Fee £0.00
Normally £647+VAT
Then £97+VAT a month

Monthly Management

You will see the benefit of having a chatbot installed on your website in a very short time and your only concern will be that you hadn’t had one installed 12 months ago.

Just click the button to book a chat with us and let’s see how we can help your agency get more leads and increase your revenue.