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Welcome To Our Blog

Helping Local Businesses Grow

TLC Chatbots is a division of TLC Media Group and our aim is to help local businesses grow.

You may own a Restaurant, Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Beauty Salon, Coffee Shop, Gym, Tattoo Studio, be a Chiropractor or even be a Photographer, Wedding Planner or Event Planner, Personal Trainer or Florist, in fact, any local type of business.

Our aim is to help local businesses grow by putting out videos and posts that give you tips and strategies on how to get more customers, how to get your existing customers coming into your business more frequently and also how to increase the average customer spend.

You can visit our Group at https://tlcmediagroup.co.uk to see how else we help local businesses.

A lot of small local businesses owners struggle with where to start with the marketing of their business and this is where you will find quick tips to help you with that.

TLC Chatbots create Chatbots for any local business and these provide a way to capture all the data you need including name, telephone number and email address so you can continually market to these customers on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to have a chat on how a Chatbot will benefit your business you can book a chat with me by going to my calendar below and book a chat, we will look into your business and decide the best Chatbot for you. You can also visit https://tlcchatbots.co.uk and try out our Chatbot.

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